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The syllabus of this course is specifically designed for foreigners and it is addressed to those students who have previous knowledge of the Spanish language and are intended to master in such language in order to achieve an advance level of Spanish in terms of written and oral comprehension suitable for their professional or personal needs.



This course is based on oral and communicative practices between the teacher and the students including practical oral exercises in which the active participations of students is highly promoted. Further exercises include listening exercises with recorded texts.

The vocabulary applied will be focused on the specific terminology suitable for the profession of the student leading to practical exercises to eventually write writs or reports and holding a fluent conversation.



The number of students will range from 5 to 8 in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the class. At the beginning of the course a level test will be required to the students in order to set a suitable program to fulfill the needs of each student.



The clases will take place in Centro de Enseñanza CAMPUS III Idiomas.

Address: Avda. del Mediterráneo nº 5  Blue Campus III.



I Stage: Theory-Practice

Explanations and grammar exercises.

Reading comprehension with selected texts.

Oral practice about specific issues.


II Stage: Practice

Oral presentations.

Role-play practices

Written conversation and preparing different kind of documents.





To provide the students with suitable resources in order for them to reach an intermediate-advanced level of Spanish whether in terms of oral and written comprehension.  The oral skills will be with practical conversations and semi-real situations. The written skills will be improved and mastered.  



·  CAMPUS III Official Certificate.

·  The student will have the option to take the exams of the Official Language School.


Contacta con Campus III Idiomas Contacta con Campus III Idiomas


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Horarios Administración: 

10:00 h. a 12:00 h. (solo del 1º al 5º día lectivo de cada mes)

Lunes a Jueves:

16:00 h. a 19:30 h.


16:00 h. a 18:00 h.


Horarios de clases:

Lunes a Jueves:

09:30 h. a 12:30 h.

15:30 h. a 21:00 h.


16:00 h. a 19:00 h.


09:30 h. a 12:30 h.


952 41 29 41


Avda. del Mediterráneo, 5

Alhaurín de la Torre

Contacta con Campus III Idiomas Contacta con Campus III Idiomas